More on pressure sores

My husband has this pressure sore on his lower back that first developed the first of July this year. When we realized the treatment we were doung wasn’t working, we made an appt with Wellstar Wound clinic. They basically said it didn’t look that bad, but had me put zinc on it and cover the wound. This did heal and we didn’t have to return to the clinic.
Well, as if the first of Nov the pressure sore returned in the same area. I started the same treatment immediately. The problem is, now it isn’t healing but getting worse. Jerry is now staying in the bed all the time. We tried to get something done the day after Thanksgiving but couldn’t. As of Monday we did speak with a nurse at Shephard and are currently waiting on a call back. But have been successful in scheduling an appt at Wellstar Wound clinic for Friday. Would prefer to go to Shepherd. Will update as soon as we can get in somewhere. It’s very upsetting to me. Sigh!!

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