Normally, if the night has been uneventful the day starts out well. Being the caregiver I normally get up before my husband wants to get up. I will get him fresh water to drink and when he is ready help him with his morning pills. He then likes to wait to get up until his medicine takes effect. During this time the school day will begin for our son.
My husband generally isn’t hungry first thing when he wakes up, so I will make him a instant breakfast to drink.
My husband is a C7 paraplegic, being paralyzed from the chest down. He has basically taught me everything I need to know about how to care for him. While getting him dressed in the morning, this is when his skin is checked to ensure there is no breakdown. A breakdown would mean that he would have to remain in the bed, repositioned often until the area heals.
Once I have checked him, dressed him and hooked the lift to a net that has been placed under him I can start to transfer him from the bed to his electric wheelchair. When he is in the chair properly, I then make sure to hook his seatbelts up so he can remain safe.
The days I have to go to work, I’ll attempt to do some chores and delegate some to our son. While I am at work my husband is pretty independent but does have our nearly 12 year old son if he needs help. My employer has been very understanding and if I need to come home for an emergency it generally isn’t a problem.
When I come home from work, sometimes my husband and I will walk (he will roll) around the neighborhood so we can talk about our day.
At bedtime, I will prepare the bed then transfer him into the bed. When he is undressed for bed again this is the time to examine his body for any problems. If everything appears ok, we may watch some tv then turn over in bed to go to sleep.

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